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Eng_HM_96dpi_thumb_2__19329.1428710165.1280.1280The Holy Mass

A profound teaching with an Imprimatur on the Holy Mass containing visions at the Mass and messages dictated by the Virgin Mary and Jesus to Catalina that can deepen one’s spiritual experience at the Divine Liturgy. This is the most widely read of Catalina’s books.
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FSC-cover-2__50420.1423687356.1280.1280From Sinai to Calvary

NEW FOR 2009! – A new contribution for the meditation about our faith and the Eucharist. It is a testimony of sublime teaching on the love in the Eucharist and the Mercy of the Lord including His promised graces for frequent Eucharistic Adoration.
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the_passion_book__12277.1423532171.1280.1280The Passion

Reflections on the mystery of Jesus’ suffering and the value that it has on Redemption as dictated by Jesus, God the Father and the Virgin Mary to Catalina. This is truly a profound account of the Passion of the Christ with an Imprimatur that will deeply touch and change hearts, increasing one’s love for Jesus.
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